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Mt. Pinatubo: A beautiful disaster

Year 1991 when Mt. Pinatubo had an explosive eruption and by far the second largest volcanic eruption of this century. I was 3 years old when that happened and I only learned about it from school. What used to be a tragic place, now it is one of the most popular hiking destination. To start,… Continue reading Mt. Pinatubo: A beautiful disaster

PH BEACHES · Visayas Region

Exploring Negros Occidental: Sipalay X Lakawon Island

"Andi: Bruh, I have few days leave, let's go somewhere." "Me: Sure! Where do you want to go?" We were thinking between Davao, Coron and Negros Occidental. I checked the airfare and guess which place offered the cheapest flight? Yeah! You got it right! Negros Occidental! At that time, Lakawon and Sipalay's Perth Paradise Resort… Continue reading Exploring Negros Occidental: Sipalay X Lakawon Island


Batad and Hungduan Rice Terraces

Wore the Traditional Ifugao Costume "Ginamat or Tapis"Believe it or not, I've never been on a date since Valentine's day existed or since I've acknowledged it's existence! LOL! That's why we decided (me, my cousin and friends) to celebrate last year's Valentines day at the Amphitheater-like-stone-walled BATAD RICE TERRACES.It is one of the five clusters… Continue reading Batad and Hungduan Rice Terraces


MT. PULAG: Where were you while we were getting high?

Mt. Pulag- dubbed as the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines and Luzon’s highest peak is one of the most visited mountain in the country. For the record, hiking Mt. Pulag was not on my bucket list even though a lot of my friends were pushing me to go there to witness the “SEA of… Continue reading MT. PULAG: Where were you while we were getting high?