How Travel Changed My Life?

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Do you believe that in every heartbreak and failed relationships there will always be a lesson to be learned? Because I do. Due to a series of unfortunate heartaches, I found myself in love with travelling. For the past few years, I’ve learned a lot of things from my travels that have made me stronger and a better version of myself. Someone I never imagined myself becoming. The biggest question now is, HOW TRAVEL CHANGED MY LIFE?

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Growing up, I never tried any sports because I was so thin (thinner than I am now) and I believed that sports are only for those individuals who have been physically endowed.I gave up any notion or idea of being a part of the school varsity team.But I’m thankful for the person who broke my heart because I found myself falling in love with surfing a few years back. See? Who would’ve thought that I would be able to paddle and let along catch waves on my own?
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Crystal Beach, Zambales
Through surfing I also met the person who introduced me to hiking. I was afraid of heights and In fact, I get into a panic state at the very thought of it. And since I’m not sporty type person, never in my wildest dream did I imagined climbing a mountain. Hiking is definitely different from how the sea lured me into surfing. But I did! That moment when you reach the summit, you begin to realize how tiny your problems are compared to the vast expanse of the horizon that lays in front of you. You see the world in a different perspective and say to yourself “It feels good to be alive”, I know it’s cliché but in this instance and in this very moment, It just seems fitting.
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Mt. Pamitinan, Rizal.
That is one of the things I’ve learned from travelling.If you think you cant do it, then that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. After all, those who are cautious do not live at all.Keep on trying because who knows? Maybe one day you’ll find something that will give you more than the feeling of having a “butterflies in your stomach” that you get from being in love.
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Jumping off a cliff? Am I insane? Can I do it? Questions I’ve asked myself a million times during my 6 hour Canyoneering trip in Cebu which pushed me beyond my limits.After hiking a couple of mountains I thought I already conquered my fear of heights, but I was wrong.I came to a point where I wanted to turn back and quit, but then I realized that I had to face it or get haunted by the “what if’s” for the rest of my life.Determination trumped over my fear.
Canyoneering with my cousins.
I used to hate long travels, I couldn’t sleep without a fan(let alone with just one pillow) or eat food that wasn’t warmed.But everything changed,now I’m always up for a trip no matter how long it takes, where I slept now varies from a hostel, a tent or even just a hammock.I started to enjoy different kinds of food being served by the locals, be it warm or not.
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People who knew me, couldn’t believe I would be able to do these things. To be honest, I love the new version of me.
Better than a 5 star hotel. Sleeping under 5 million stars
I’m not used in travelling alone, But they were right when they said that life is full of surprises, because the day came when I found myself travelling on my own.It was my first time to ride a “roro”, took me 9 hours to get to Boracay with no itineraries whatsoever, no place to stay and no idea what to do when I got there.But that’s how life is right? Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.My first solo travel ended up pretty amazing, from then on I told myself that travelling solo didn’t seem so bad.
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3rd time in HK, but 1st solo trip
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They say the older you become, the smaller your circle of friends get. I beg to differ because through my travels, i met different people from different walks of life.They became my instant travel buddies, my inspiration. Through their stories and journey in life I began to believe in myself and get this “I can do it!” attitude.
Strangers I met through my travels. Ate Be(Boracay), Kar and Ate Rubec (Quezon), Trina (Surfing), Cielo (Magalawa Island)
It felt good to be with people who shared the same passion, to surround yourself with people who help you grow as an individual.
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Pico Lyer said “We travel initially, to lose ourselves; we travel next to find ourselves”. I came to a point where I didn’t know who I was anymore or what I really wanted to do.
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When I did my first solo trip, I discovered more of who I am and learned that I can take care of myself.Travelling alone gives us freedom, but it comes with great responsibility.No one to tell you what to do, where to go or how to get there.But when you survive it, you find yourself becoming a real adult. You’ll feel very accomplished.
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Travelling opened my mind to a lot of things, it made me culturally aware, I acquired a greater appreciation for my country. It made me more adventurous, less materialistic and overall happier.
I lack confidence and self-esteem.But I learned that knowing one’s self is the first step to accepting and loving ourselves. You don’t need someone to validate your worth, because the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.
My Solo Birthday Trip in Batanes (01.20.17)
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