Jomalig Island: Are we golden?

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Golden sand, pristine beach, crystal clear waters? Who doesn’t want these? And yes, I am referring to one of our islands here in the Philippines and that is Jomalig Island. If you’re not familiar with this Island don’t worry, not many people are(that was before I went there) .

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At the Real Port. This is how you can get in to the passengers boat.
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Touch down Jomalig!
Golden Sand! Are we golden?

Jomalig was unknown to me as well, until one day a friend (whom I met in Boracay and who loves to travel as well) asked me if I wanted to join her trip there. I searched for it on google (read one or two blogs about it) and I didn’t think twice giving a big YES! As long as it has something to do with travel especially going to the beach I’m always a go (para saan pa ang pagiging lakwatsera ko diba?! Haha). I asked for the details and she told me about the group tour organizing the trip.I booked it through Zigzag Traveler (a booking website) and the tour coordinator was Where’s Frankie PH owned by Vlogger Frank Tumamao. I signed up on their website (Zigzag Traveler), paid the necessary fees,sent them the deposit slip, received the confirmation and details about the trip and tadaaaaah! I’ve now to wait for our travel date which was April 22-24 2016(yes! it was last year sorry for the super late post huhu).

Team WheresFrankiePH (Frankie- the one wearing white rash guard)
I fell in love with JOMALIG!

About the Island

Jomalig Island (pronounced as Humalig) is a 6th class municipality in the province of Quezon. It’s on the easternmost part of Polilio Island.

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We were welcomed by the Island’s Golden Sand and Crystal Clear water!
Jomalig’s Famous SAND BAR!

Road to Jomalig

If you love to travel, you won’t  mind the 9 hour travel time it entailed. We traveled from Manila to Real Quezon for about 3 hours and another 5-6 hours boat ride depending on the ocean current. During our experience on the way to Jomalig, the waves were so strong that water still found its way up to the upper part of the boat where we stayed. I slept most of the time and just woke up when our lunch was served. Lunch was included in the boat’s fare and it’s good since you don’t have to think about what food to bring to survive the 6 hour travel time(but I suggest you still bring your own snacks). Upon arriving in the island at 3 in the afternoon, we were welcomed by Jomalig’s crystal clear waters. The only word that i could utter when i saw the island was “Wow!”.I’ve been wow-ed many times but this Island captured my heart.

The place where we stayed.
The place where we stayed
Kanaway Beach
New found friends. Ate Be, Me, Ate Nonie, Alexia and her mom Ate Ricci

We waited for our bags to unload and walked a few meters to the community and rode a tractor going to the place where we stayed. It was a 15-20 minute ride and it felt like any moment Tarzan would show up because of the dense forest. It was a little far from the community and from the camp site where most of the tourist are staying. We stayed in a nipa-hut while some of the people in our group pitched a tent and set up their hammock . It was a long and tiring but fun day for all of us.We had a sumptuous dinner of course c/o of our Tour coordinator Frankie.


We woke up early the next day and got ready for our island hopping. We went to Jomalig’s famous sand bar at the KANAWAY BEACH which amazed me as this was the first time i saw a sand bar. This island blessed with so much beauty. We had our lunch in the island,shared some stories with our new-found friends while waiting for the high tide so we can set sail.We went straight to Sitio Salibungot where most of the campers were staying, waited til sunset and went back to our place.Our tour coordinator was generous enough because he prepared a lot for dinner that included lobsters! Yay! Happy tummy for everyone!

Titas of Jomalig and a Millennial (Guess who’s the millennial lol)

I got to meet a new soul who turned out to be my new travel buddy along with the opportunity to visit this amazingly beautiful island.




How to get there:

Ride a bus bound for Infanta Quezon at Legarda Terminal near Arellano University.Tell the conductor that you are bound for Jomalig. Get off at Puerto Real Port. Travel time takes about 4-5 hours but for private van it only took us about 3 hours only. From Puerto Real Port, ride the passengers boat bound for Jomalig Island. Travel time takes about 6 hours but the waiting time at the port takes forever. LOL

Getting around Jomalig:

You can rent a motorcycle or habal-habal to get around the island. You can also rent a small boat for island hopping.


BUS 220php
Passengers boat/way 350php(free lunch)
Island Hopping boat 2000php
Environmental Fee 170php
Barangay Fee 50php

**When we went there we didn’t pay any fees but my friend who just recently went there told me that they started collecting fees already. These are just some of the expenses but of course you still need to include your food, drinks and accommodation if you will stay in a resort **

Where to stay

You can pitch tent at Salibungot Beach, this is the most common choice of stay in the island. There are no public restroom yet at the campsite and you have to walk to the community where several local houses offer theirs for small fee.There are also some resorts or homestay but if you want to stay away from the crowd you might wanna consider the place where we stayed at. You may contact Camille  at 0916-280-0158/0907-828-5161 of Jomalig Spir. It’s 15-20 minutes away from the crowd. If you are lucky enough(like us lol), you can even have the place exclusively for your group!

This is the tractor that will bring you to Jomalig Spir.(I think this is the only photo that we were almost complete lol)

** Electricity only runs from 6pm to 12mn. Do not forget to bring your power banks.

** Both Globe and Smart has signal on the island

** Expect delays in travel time because there’s no strict schedule time of departure and arrivals for boat.As per our experience we’ve waited for 3 hours from Real port because we had to wait for the other passengers who made a reservation with the boat same thing happened on our way back to Real from Jomalig

**Also, if you are on a tight budget bring your own water and snacks because it’s a little bit pricey on the island considering that they have to travel everything to the island from the mainland.

** If you are on a big group much better to make a reservation with the passengers boat in advance especially during peak season.You may contact Captain Chito at 09186099822. 


“You once asked me what I thought about sunsets. You asked me why, in a philosophical sense, it had to be beautiful. And I remember answering the most cliché thing possible, THAT SUNSETS SERVE AS A REMINDER THAT ENDINGS COULD STILL BE BEAUTIFUL.”




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