Sakaling Hindi Makarating: A heartbreak and travel movie

Sakaling Hindi Makarating(in case they don’t arrive) is a Filipino Independent road drama film written and directed by Ice Idanan. You might be thinking why I am writing this when in fact all of my blogposts are about my travel. Well, this movie has something to do with travel as well. This movie showcases the beauty of the Philippines.

SHM Batanes
BATANES (photo: Sakaling Hindi Makarating)

My friend Hannah, tagged me the trailer of this movie on facebook because she told me that she remembered me with the main character’s story. After watching the trailer, I somehow agree with her but after watching the whole movie, jeeezzzzzz, did the writer wrote the story of my life? LOL

After 3 attempts of watching it, I was finally able to do so, thanks to my friend Donna, who made it possible because she booked our tickets ahead of time. Last July 2, I was able to watch it in Pineapple Lab, Makati presented by Revenge PH.

SHM Ilocos
ILOCOS (photo: Sakaling Hindi Makarating)

The story is about a young woman named Cielo (Alessandra De Rossi) who was about to get married but unfortunately her boyfriend, Mark (Jay Gonzaga) for 11-years breaks off their engagement two months before the wedding. She isolated herself in an old apartment which was supposedly to be their home. Until one day, a series of anonymous, hand-illustrated postcards from all over the Philippines was delivered to her with a message addressed to a “C” from an “M”. She got curious on who’s sending those postcards so with the help of her neighbour Paul (Pepe Herrera) she decided to go on a trip using the postcards as her guide hoping that this could lead her to finding the mysterious “M”.

SHM Marinduque

She went to different places in the Philippines which included Zamboanga wherein she witnessed the Vinta Regatta Festival (I swear before this movie I didn’t think that this kind of festival exist) and learned how to swim; She also went to Siquijor and learned how to drive a motorcycle; travelled to Marinduque and met a guy named Manuel (JC Santos) which at first she thought he’s the mysterious M; journeyed to Ilocos Norte and then finally wandered to Batanes where the sender’s identity was disclosed.

SHM Siquijor

SHM Vintas
VINTA. (Photo credit to SHM)

The movie is not your typical “hugot movie”. It has an unexpected twist to a seemingly predictable film, which made all the difference. Much like life, you search for things yet in the end you find yourself. I’ve been in Cielo’s position for once in my life before. I don’t know what to do, so I packed my bag and traveled to new places. And it is true that in leaving you don’t find love, adventure or freedom. More than anything, you find YOU, you find what you really want.

SHM Zamboanga
ZAMBOANGA (photo: Sakaling Hindi Makarating)

This film is worth every single penny! Kudos to the whole casts and team!

If you want to get an update when and where will be their next screening you can follow their Instagram account @shmfilm and on facebook Sakaling Hindi Makarating.

Photo 02-07-2016, 9 53 01 PM
Pepe Herrera (Paul)
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
The very talented Director of SHM, Ice Idanan. (Part 2 pleaseeeeee)



17 thoughts on “Sakaling Hindi Makarating: A heartbreak and travel movie

  1. I’ve heard of this film before but dismissed it as a cliched romance-travel movie. Reading this review made me change my mind. I love the part where she learned a lot of stuff while traveling – like swimming and riding a motorcycle. I think that’s really brave.

    Now I want to know where to watch this!


    1. Me too! At first I thought it was like the usual romance-travel movie but this one is totally different. I love the twist at the end. As of now they dont have an upcoming screening but you can follow their IG account or facebook for updates! 🙂


    1. Hi Christian, I am not sure if they have a screening outside PH, but hopefully because this is a nice movie. You can follow their IG and Facebook account for updates. 🙂 Thanks!


  2. Will this be shown in regular cinemas? I hope so as it’s the type of movie we should be watching. Visited their IG account and they’re selling the postcards!!!


  3. Ahh wish I couldv’e watched this with you! Nakakawanderlust!! At bidang bida ang ganda ng Pilipinas siguro jan! 💙✨


  4. Interesting!! And the places the protagonist went to, ahhh beautiful! I love films, so thank you for sharing this! 🙂


  5. Yes! an original indie film. I believe these types of movies are much more meaningful and the plot line is much more unpredictable compared to the mainstream media movies that you can already predict the ending by just watching the first few minutes. Find myself. Maybe travel is a good start to achieve that too.


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